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Threadbender Textiles is a program designed for adults with diverse abilities and challenges who would like to learn skills in textile arts. It is our conviction that developing competency in skills with real value is an effective way to develop confidence in oneself and build bridges to others in the broader community.

Threadbender Textiles aims to offer:

1) Instruction in a variety of textile skills including, but not limited to, weaving and loom preparation, sewing by machine and by hand, a variety of creative arts experiences and design work. 


2) Opportunities to develop other individual skills such as knitting, crocheting and embroidery may be available on an individual basis as interest and opportunity develop.


3) Assistance, encouragement and honest feedback will be given by the staff and volunteers with the goal of each participant reaching their unique potential.


4) At all times, participants will be encouraged to produce products that are attractive, well constructed, and appropriate to their intended use. The finished products can be gifted or, if approved, offered for sale in our shop. A percentage of each sale is paid to the creator of the product.


Threadbender Textiles expects participants to aim for:


1) Professional behavior and attitudes when at work.


2) Cheerful participation in the community.


3) Willingness to learn and receive instruction from staff and volunteers.


4) Kindness, thoughtfulness and patience with all (including oneself!).

If you are interested in being a part of this joyful, creative process, please fill out the inquiry form below and plan to come and see what being a Threadbender is all about! We can’t wait to meet you!


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